As of July 1st 2013, States are required to develop and implement a training program and instructor certification system in compliance with their National Civil Aviation Security Program (NCASP). In addition, they are required to ensure that persons implementing security controls posses all competencies required to preform their duties and are appropriately trained according to the NCASP. It is imperative that the training in the NCASP reflect current international aviation security standards and practices in order to prevent and deter the new and emerging threats to civil aviation.     


AvSec International offers a number of aviation and national security courses for airport operators, airlines, fix base operators, law enforcement and other entities depending on the need. The courses will be tailored to the client's needs based on a survey and could vary  from Airport Management, Air Cargo, Civil Aviation Security Inspectors, Crisis Management, Ground Security Coordinator, Hostage Negotiation, Quality-Control to Train-The-Trainer Courses. 

Coaching & Guidance

The Associates have vast experience of institutional knowledge in teaching airport and airline security specialists, law enforcement officers, and other government security specialists to develop, establish, and implement national civil aviation security programs. The objectives are to establish aviation security goals that are well defined, learning outcomes that can be measured and content that can easily be revised; establish a pool of qualified instructors commensurate to the State, establish an effective training program system, identify equipment and facilities to conduct effective training, establish a minimum standard of skill for each specialist and a training evaluation system.