Each State is obligated to establish and implement a National Civil Aviation Security Program (NCASP) and other relevant aviation security programs whose objective is to safeguard international civil aviation against criminal acts through regulations practices and procedures. It is imperative that the policy in the NCASP reflect current international aviation security standards and practices in order to prevent and deter the new and emerging threats to civil aviation.       

Security Policy

The AvSec International Associates have a vast experience of institutional knowledge using a common sense approach to develop, analyze, identify, enhance, and revise security programs to ensure that they meet obligations to comply with the current national civil aviation security program, international security standards, and regulations.

Program Development

These Associates have assisted States to develop, establish, and implement National Civil Aviation Security Program, National Civil Aviation Security Quality Control Program, National Civil Aviation Security Training Program, Airport Security Program, Airport Emergency Plan, Airport Contingency Plan, Aircraft Operator Security Program, Air Cargo and Regulated Agent Security Programs, Security Checkpoint Operational Guide, Civil Aviation Security Inspector's Operational Manual, Airport Security Equipment, Systems, Design and Layout Manual.